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Wood balls Disks and Macramé wheels Figures
beads, ball, wooden ball Disks, Macramé, dummy-chain clips wheels, wooden wheels, wheels with rubber figures, wooden figures, play figures, pin-figures, cubes
Wooden eggs Household goods & drinks Typically for school Wooden handles
egg, wooden eggs Egg cups, Napkin ring, Saltcellar, Pepper caster,Glass-coaster, Cork handle, Bar-pestle Knitting-spool, linoleic handle,  felter, Scissors holder of pine Handles for skipping ropes, wooden handles
Office equipment Ornamental objekts advent/birds/fruits candles
Pencilsharpener, Pencil holder, Quiver bowl, box, vase bird, bell, angel, apple, bear candlestick,  candle socket, holter for tea warmer
Furniture knobs/ Coat-hooks Top/ Yo-Yo Wooden rings Round rods
Knobs, Coat-hooks, drawer knob top, jo-jo, jojo Wooden rings, rings Round rods, wooden sticks
Flashlight Print and Surface Stairs/ paid work tooth, picture, key
Flashlight brand-printing, hot-stamping-print, tampon-print, costs for set-up, costs for block, proof-samples paid work, staires, banister keyring, memoholder
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